Careers & Training

The Primary Health Care Institute (PHCI) supports health care practitioners at Primary with premium quality training - so they can do their best possible work and have a long and fulfilling career in health care. We aim to foster an environment of continual learning, development and connectivity where doctors, registrars, students and allied health professionals work together to offer high quality and accessible health care to all Australians.

We offer high quality training for those with a passion for health care including:

General Practitioners

As a general practitioner within the Primary Health Care community, the PHCI provides you with access to a wealth of educational resources. From interactive workshops, world-class articles and training videos to online tools such as practice assessments and discussion forums you are sure to find support in your professional development.


As a registrar at Primary you will become part of the Primary Health Care Institute’s network. You will gain access to an advanced learning platform, offering you a vast array of online training, educational articles and exam hints. You will also enjoy the practical experience from working at one of Primary’s medical centres – with their diverse patients and patient-first approach you are sure to find many learning opportunities at our centres.

Medical Students

At the Primary Health Care Institute (PHCI) our aim is to provide you with a holistic student experience. As a medical student at Primary, you will have access to a wealth of resources and educational experiences. You will also gain valuable practical experiences in one of Primary’s medical centres with their diverse patients and patient-first approach.

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